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I Can't Believe It's Been a Month!

I launched the Rags to Riches website and blog a month ago and I can't believe how quickly the month passed.

Anyone who personally knows me, knows how much I love to learn. One time an interviewer asked me if I could make a perfect job, even if it doesn't exist, what would it be. My answer was: if there was a way to incorporate going to school and getting paid, that would be my perfect job. This experience has been full of learning experience in managing a business, creating a website and maintaining your voice.

I'm still growing the business, developing the website and growing content on he blog but there have been a handful of achievements. My favorite achievement for the first month has been that the website was opened on four continents in its first 30 days!

During the first month, my blog posts focused on financial coaching and the work I do to help people to reach their financial goals. Month two will include more posts focusing on freelancers and entrepreneurs starting their businesses. I can appreciate so much more how much there is to do as a business owner and hope to inspire you to keep going with your dreams and let finance become your partner!

I am excited to continue this journey and share what I learn along the way!

Steps 4 way
Photo by Ant Smith via Flickr

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