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I just need enough money to...

My last post focused on fostering a better relationship with money, making it your ally instead of something you deal with because you have to. This post is going to focus on taking your relationship with money to the next level.

You can't move to this step without creating a friendly relationship with money, because until that happens it's very hard to believe the possibility of creating the financial future you want for yourself. With the right intentions, it's not just a possibility but also doable!

How can I possibly manifest more money, do you ask? Let's address the elephant in the room, first.

I'm not talking about growing a money tree or creating money from thin air. Although money trees can help you call money to you 🤑 This isn't something that you think and at the snap of your fingers you have more money than you will ever need.

What I propose is slightly different: if you have a friendly relationship with money and change how you think about money, making money doesn't seem as difficult as it did when it was something that made you uncomfortable or you kept at arm's length.

Sounds a little woo-woo, still? I hear ya, I was once a skeptic. As an accountant, I thought, "How can you possibly make more money, just like that?"

But once I started working on my money mindset and money blocks, I began to see that money was all around me. There were possibilities to make money all along that I didn't see or acknowledge. There were money talks I was having with myself that were preventing me from making more and that's what I want to focus on today.

Money talks we have with ourselves are just as important as the money talks we have with others. I used to say to myself, "I have these bills to pay, I need to make enough money to pay them off" or "I need to make this much money to retire." Most of my thoughts about money were a variation of "I just need enough money to..."

My thinking was rooted in survival and scarcity. By saying I need just this, shut off the possibilities of making more than that.

Dare to dream that you can make more money than you can fathom. Like anything else, you will need to put in the work, but by creating and opening the door to the opportunity will allow money energy to flow towards you.

When you work on your goals to get that pay bump or adding more revenue to your business, rephrase those thoughts from "If I get this pay raise..." to "When I get this pay raise..."

The tip from the previous post about creating a money jar was something that made a huge shift for me personally.

I'll leave you with this quote to think about how you can start shifting the money conversations you have with yourself:

Look at things not as they are but as they can be. - David Schwartz

If you need a tip on how to shift your money mindset, here's a link to my calendar, let's schedule a quick call.


If you have a money question, submit it here for a chance to be featured in the "Dear Olga" column!

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