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Is more money really out there?

In March 2020, my world changed. At that point, for many, the world has been a different one for several months. For others, it was still on the horizon.

As weeks went on, my clients and prospects began to pull back. I knew money was on people's minds and many of the conversations began to sound something like this:

  • "There's too much uncertainty to invest"

  • "I'm not sure how long the money I have will last me and when the next amount will come in. I can't convince myself to spend money right now on anything but the basics to keep things afloat"

By April 2020, the US savings rate hit a record 33% according to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis. In addition to not having opportunities to spend money, many started to hold on to what they could because their future was so uncertain.

By the end of April, I started to question if there were actually people who would be willing to pay me for my services.

A few weeks in, I caught myself having these thoughts. I knew I needed to reframe this story I was telling myself. Surely, there were people out there who would pay for my services. There was definitely no harm in trying to reframe this story.

I believe, all possible opportunities begin to pull away when you stop believing in the existence of opportunities. To see opportunities, you need to believe they are out there first.

To help myself see the possibilities out there, I decided to start a charity:water fundraiser for my birthday. With everything going on in the world, clean water has become crucial for staying healthy and safe. Being able to help communities without access to clean water felt like the least that I can do.

To my surprise, I raised $686! With our help, 17 people will get access to clean water.

Over a span of two months, during a global crisis, 24 people donated for a cause that wouldn't directly impact their lives or improve their monetary position.

So why wouldn't there be people who would pay for my services to improve their relationships with money?

Seeing the donations flow in, helped me reframe this story that I was telling myself. And business began to gain momentum again.

If you're ready to reframe your money stories and open yourself up to more opportunities, book a call with me.

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