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Making Money Smart Choices

Just like many good choices, it doesn't actually always feel good making those decisions. I've learned the tougher it feels making a smart money choice, the better the choice is for your wallet.

The hardest part about making smart choices, the chance of making a smart choice is 50% each time. Irrelevant of the choices you made up until this point, the wrong choice will always be on the table. If you're not careful, it can wipeout all of the hard work you've put in. A poor money choice can set you back even further away than where you started!

Sometimes this reality can cause analysis paralysis, where you're stuck overanalyzing a situation but unable to make a choice. Not making a choice, can force the events to choose the outcome for you. Instead it's more of a surrender to the fact that life goes on and doesn't wait for us to make a choice.

Accountants and financial coaches like everyone else have wants in life that may be outside of their budget or financial reach. Instead of a researched blog post with advice, today I want to share a personal money choice story.

In a few weeks, it's my 30th birthday. Excited? Yes! Nervous? Absolutely!

Some girls dream of their wedding for years, for me that party was my 30th birthday. Go figure but I've always enjoyed celebrating myself. 😊 A year ago, I was already making plans and brainstorming what I wanted to do for my birthday.

My motto has always been expect the best, but prepare for the worst. With just a month to go, I've been discussing the big party plans with my best friend almost every day. That whole time, my biggest stress? Making it fit my budget 😰 With only weeks left to go, I would either have to work very hard to make it fit and risk the chance of making a bad money decision. The other option is to postpone or cancel the plans.

I started my company a year ago, with a lot of time dedicated to exciting projects underway for this summer and end of year. Taking on work I'm not super excited about to make the cash is an option, but it would also take me away from my business and what I'm interested in most. 🤔

So yesterday, I made the executive decision to postpone the celebration. My birthday will still be a blast but on a different scale than I expected. 🤓 I know that when I'm ready to have a belated birthday bash, every single one of my friends will be there with me to celebrate. 🎉

I hope you take away the same lesson I learned, it's okay to make money smart choices, even if it means changing plans last minute. When I see the big-picture and what I'm striving towards, that is way brighter than what this party would be. To me, the sacrifice is worth it.

Let me know what you thought about this personal blog post?

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