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PR & Building Credibility

Whether you're starting a new business or running an established operation, it's great to get the word out about what you're working on. Many businesses hire PR firms to help advertise their work and accomplishments, but what do you do when you have a limited budget and can't afford a PR firm right now?

One tool I found recently that could be a great solution, if you can't afford a PR firm, it's called HARO (Help a Reporter Out). It's essentially a mailing list of journalist and reporter queries. You'll get daily emails with lists of queries from different publications and you can respond to the ones you think you would be able to help. Here is an example of a query:

Example of a HARO query

Being featured as a source in an article can give you free PR and build your credibility at the same time. It can help you with your SEO by creating more links to your website and increasing your search result ranking in the future. The best part it's not for a specific industry, topics include entertainment, medicine, technology and travel.

This can be a great tool for any business at any stage. Even if you are able to hire a PR firm, this could be a useful tool in addition to the paid work they are doing. If used correctly, it can lead to great exposure.

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