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Welcome to Rags to Riches Consulting!

After several years of contemplating this passion project, I decided to put my passion for finance and helping people to good use by offering advice to people and start-up owners.

I want to help people face their financial fears and teach them good habits that can help them tackle any challenge they are facing now and any obstacle they may face in the future. There is a lot of noise that we have to filter through daily. Sometimes life happens and you lose your path, all you need is nudge in the right direction to get you back on track.

I want to use my expertise with start-ups to help business owners that are just starting with managing their finances to prevent any hiccups in the future. Additionally, I want to assist any scaling-up businesses that avoided looking at their finances until now to untangle months (or sometimes years!) of transactions. You've already started a successful business, with some changes, I am confident you can tackle your finances!

Over the upcoming weeks, I will be publishing posts that I hope can give you a better handle on your finances no matter who you are. I will share anything that I find fascinating or helpful in my journey. I hope you embark on this adventure with me.

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