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What Are Your Talents?

As I work on building momentum for Rags to Riches, I started to explore communities that I only knew by name until now like the Freelancers Union and Levo League. Starting your own business can be overwhelming. Living in the Information Age which also adds to this stress because there are so many options for everything. If you search for something seemingly simple like business cards, you’ll find so many vendors and style options that you can spend a month just deciding what you will finally invest in. Communities like these can help narrow down your options with trusted and vetted vendors that many have used before.

Today I was exploring Levo League’s platform, up until today I only received their newsletters. As I set up my profile, I noticed their call to download their Thinking Talents app which identifies your strengths and gives you suggestions on how to develop them further. It was very interesting to see my results. You can check out the short version below.

My "Thinking Talents" quiz results

The most interesting suggestion was for the “Fixing It” area, to let people know that I enjoy solving problems. The truth is, I love solving problems, figuring out solutions or creating contingency plans for the future. Levo's suggestions made me realize that this isn't the case for everyone, not all people enjoy being a problem solver and that it would be good to bring this up as a strength when I'm trying to bring on a new client or interviewing for a new job.

I personally love getting insight like this from another point of view, because we can get so used to seeing something from our perspective that we think everyone thinks this way and take for granted there are other ways to see a situation.

Have you taken the Thinking Talents quiz? If you have, what were your strengths?

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