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Where do you stand with your Money Monsters?

You moved into a new home and spent a few weeks settling in

You had new hopes for your new space and the sort of new life you'd be living

The same problems begin to creep back

You're beginning to feel the same anxiety you felt in your old home

Your money begins to slip through your fingers like sand

You're burning through your money quick, quicker than expected

Things stop to make sense, you're questioning your sanity

There's a monster chasing you and you fall back into your old routine

The routine of hiding and avoiding

The routine of getting by

Does this sound familiar?

It may be the habit that you know but it doesn't have to be the habit you keep

When we work together, we'll explore how you avoid your money monsters.

We'll find ways to see these monsters for what they are...only shadows.

If you're ready to get rid of your money monsters, send me a message at and we'll take it from there.

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