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You Are a Money Magnet

Most of us have beliefs that prevent us from holding onto money even when we make a large amount of it. For example: "Money is the root of all evil" or "I hate money." Sometimes we don't realize that we are keeping more money from coming to us.

Think about how often you think "Do I have enough money for this? 😰" or "When I have enough money, I will... 🙄" While you aren't telling money directly to go away, you aren't calling it with a beautiful call of "Money, yes please, come to me đŸ€‘" It's so easy to say just change your mindset, but how do you actually change your mindset about money? There are several steps to changing your mindset, today we'll focus on the first step of shifting your perspective.

Think of this money mindset: If you don't have enough of it, you will keep thinking about not having enough money until you get more. Does this sound familiar?

"I'm a money magnet" by Olga Kirshenbaum

Worrying about money takes away energy from bringing more money to you and delays from it manifesting. It also fills your mind with thoughts of not having enough money.

To shift this thinking, start thinking about how much money you need, start thinking of what skills you have, and what you can do to bring more money to you.

Recently, I learned a great tip from Vishen Lakhiani to start shifting your mindset around money. Get a jar and write on it "I'm a money magnet." Here's a picture of my money jar 👈

Every time you pick up a coin, say outloud "I am a money magnet" and place it in the jar. The things we say and think, become the world we see. This will begin to make your relationship with money a more friendly one đŸ€‘ If you're growing a business, you need to trust that your skills have brought you this far and will carry you on. That, in itself, is freeing but let's take it one step further. Not only do you have the skills to do this but you are capable of bringing it too! Your skills are also needed by the world! (I hope you've done your research 😉)

Next week we'll talk about how to take money from being your friend to the next step of calling more money to you.

If you need a tip on how to shift your money mindset, here's a link to my calendar, we can schedule a quick call to help you shift your perspective.


If you have a money question, submit it here for a chance to be featured in the "Dear Olga" column!

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