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My Story

I'm Olga and I'm a Money Whisperer and Owner of Rags to Riches Consulting. 

The way I describe money whispering is I make money topics that may seem scary or intimidating, easy to understand.

Sometimes it actually becomes...dare I 😃

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Even before starting college, I knew I wanted to be an accountant and decided to go to Marymount Manhattan College where I received my BS in Accounting. After graduation, I worked in several companies and a CPA firm for about 10 years where I was exposed to many creative industries like advertising, film production, virtual reality, ebook production, and visual effects.

I LOVE accounting but the work no longer fulfilled me and I realized I wanted more out of my career. All these years, I became the go-to "money whisperer" for my friends, family, and colleagues.  

After talking to a high school friend about budgeting for future spending, she was able to save the entirety of her student loans while she was in college. She paid off her student loans right after graduation! 

After a colleague shared her embarrassment of making ​poor money-choices before getting married, I helped her repair her relationship with creditors she hasn't talked to in months, start working on repaying her debts while actively savings $200 she didn't think she had!

No one expects you to become an accountant overnight, but money doesn't have to be so scary!

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