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What is a Money Whisperer? 🤔🤑

How did I become a Money Whisperer?

Two years ago, I decided to become a Money Coach. I was always passionate about educating people about all things money. Since high school, my friends and family would come to me to solve money puzzles.

I decided to take a leap of faith and combine my two passions for financial literacy and helping people with my money skills. I started taking money topics and creating money content with practical and actionable takeaways.

About a year ago, people started calling me the Money Whisperer. It felt strange at first, but soon I began to realize I was taking my skills for granted and decided to embrace it.

It's definitely a conversation starter 😉

What does this Money Whisperer do?

The work I do falls into two categories: (1) building a financial foundation and (2) developing an abundance mindset.

Building a financial foundation

The first step is to set up a money foundation, just like a house we need to make sure you have the building blocks to starting creating your path and work towards reaching your goals.

We discuss how these concepts of budgeting, savings and mindful spending actually fit your life. Understanding the basics and how they fit into your life, you will feel comfortable with making money choices in the future because you know what matters.

Developing an abundance mindset

This work focuses on creating good money thoughts as a habit so that you can create and manifest more abundance in your life. Typically we start with an abundant money mindset but eventually, it begins to show up in other areas of your life. An abundant mindset has a way of seeping into your world and making everything that much more magical.

Who do I work with?

Creatives. This includes those in creative industries and creative thinkers.

The ones who think "I don't understand money" and "Money is not my language."

If at any point you felt the urge to leave this article because money conversations are excruciating for you. I know we can make this less scary for you.

My why

I spent 10 years working as an accountant in creative industries like visual effects and ebook publishing. I got to work with incredibly talented people over the years, creative in their own ways, many with an aversion for money conversations.

It doesn't have to be that way, in fact, being excited about your numbers can help you focus more on your craft. Think about all the things you could accomplish if worrying about money stresses weren't taking up so much time.

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